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Guidecraft Classroom Block Cart

Product Details :

  • UV-coated Birch cart ideal for building block storage
  • Heavy duty casters for easy moving even when it’s full
  • Sliding front panel lifts up for easy emptying
  • Sliding panel doubles as a chalkboard
  • Measures 14L x 24W x 17H inches
Product Description of Guidecraft Classroom Block Cart :

About Guidecraft Guidecraft was founded in 1964 in a small woodshop, producing 10 items. Today, Guidecraft’s line includes over 160 educational toys and furnishings. The company’s size has changed, but their mission remains the same; stay true to the tradition of smart, beautifully crafted wood products, which allow children’s minds and imaginations room to truly wonder and grow.   Guidecraft plans to continue far into the future with what they do best, while always giving their loyal customers what they have come to expect: expert quality, excellent service, and an ever-growing collection of

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