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Rating: 2.8

Smart Globe SmartGlobe Horizon

Product Details :

  • Over 30 educational activities, ranging from capitals and currencies to world leaders and languages
  • Modern, sleek and streamlined design, including a hidden Smart pen holder
  • Keep up-to-date with current events by syncing the SmartGlobe? Horizon to your computer
  • Includes a supplemental interactive local map for local geography lessons
  • Interactive pen-touch system: use the wireless smart pen (with volume control) to explore the Smart Globe? Horizon
Product Description of Smart Globe SmartGlobe Horizon :

SmartGlobe Horizon – A World of Wonder! The SmartGlobe Horizon makes learning about the world fun and easy! It holds a wealth of information that’s always up-to-date, covering topics as diverse as continents, world leaders, currencies, distance and more! Winning Features: Educational Fun: More than 30 activities from Finding Capitals to Comparing Populations! Be Informed: A weekly news bulletin keeps you up-to-date on events around the world. Content Update: Always keeps current via updates. General Features: 30+ Learning activities, including continents, countries, capitals, leaders, populati

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