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FingerGuard SM (3-4 yrs.)

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  • No Bitter, Foul Tasting Liquids to make your children sick! Use the trusted, pain-free solution, which dentists and parents have preferred for over 15 years!
  • There is a reason why FingerGuard is known to be the BEST: when worn correctly, the product boasts > 90% success rate
  • Constructed in the USA out of Non-Toxic, Soft, Flexible, FDA-Approved Medical-Grade Plastic
  • Pain-free, non-restricting way to stop finger sucking in 30 days or less
  • Each kit contains everything you need to stop the habit ((1) FingerGuard (for any two adjacent fingers), (50) Colorful Lock-Bands, instruction booklet, and instructional DVD)
Product Description of FingerGuard SM (3-4 yrs.) :

Help your child “break the habit” of finger sucking – without yucky nail polishes or expensive appliances. This rubber guard eliminates the pleasurable sensations of sucking, which can lead to permanent teeth deformations. Dentist invented. Includes 1 finger cover, 50 bracelets, and an informative CD-Rom. Invented by a pediatric dentist Highly effective – in studies, 90% of kids broke the habit in 3 weeks or less! Eliminates the destructive effects of finger sucking, including teeth deformations, cross bite, and speech impediments Made of non-toxic medical grade soft plastic material BPA Free

FingerGuard SM (3-4 yrs.) is a preferred choice some people . And I JUST powerfully strongly recommend it.

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