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Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit

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  • Dr. Carey’s Baby Care kit is a parenthood toolbox that brings the doctor to your home! Parents can remain worry-free during the important first months of their baby’s life.
  • Dr. Carey’s Baby Care guide let’s you step into Dr. Carey’s office and get the answers to all those questions that leave most parents guessing during that important first year. Practical and informative, Dr. Carey’s 96-page book, filled with color photographs, gives common sense explanations on your baby’s development, rashes, care that nobody talks about, messy diapers, minor medical problems, the sick baby, and common questions.
  • Dr. Carey can teach you what you need to know about the kit’s essential baby care items. With Dr. Carey’s baby blanket, you can learn how to swaddle your way to a happy baby. Don’t ask why, but Hawaii Medical’s GumDrop Pacifier will quiet your baby into blissful calm. A+D Ointment will heal that diaper rash and with frequent use will keep your baby rash free. Squirt Bottle for easy to make saline solution is Nature’s best decongestant and is simple to use with Dr. Carey’s clear directions. Finally, a Nose Suction Bulb that works great to clear your baby’s stuffy nose. Digital Thermometer takes the anxiety out of fevers.
Product Description of Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Kit :

Almost everything needed is included in this kit to ease the worries of moms and dads with Dr. Carey’s informative guide on baby’s development and minor medical problems, accompanied by essential baby care items.

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