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Tummy Tub Stool (Blue)

Product Details :

  • Multifunctional TummyTub Stand allows you to sit comfortably in a chair to bath your baby.
  • Two adjustable heights allow you to find a back friendly position.
  • Comes with Two-step stool and special attachment cup for the TummyTub.
  • Remove the cup, and it converts into a child’s two step stool or seat.
  • Contains a storage compartment for toys or bathroom accessories.
Product Description of Tummy Tub Stool (Blue) :

TummyTub Two-Step stool raises baby to a comfortable sitting position and doubles as an adjustable height step stool, with clever design for storage inside. The stand allows you sit while bathing your baby and will help in preventing backache. The stand is multi-purpose in that it can later be used as a stepping stool with two levels for your child as they get older to get up to the bathroom sink and toilet. It can also be used as a storage device for little bathroom items. Just recently some Irish midwives have spotted another use for it – they say it is good as a foot stool for breastfeedin

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