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Papillon Baby Bath Ring - Green

Product Details :

  • Create a Developmental Playground for your Baby in the Bath Tub!
  • Complies with US CPSC Safety Standard and the European Standard EN71.
  • If your baby is sitting up on his own and has outgrown his infant tub, this product is exactly what he needs to play freely in the water while you wash him safely.
  • Made of fabric, the Papillion’s revolutionary butterfly shape prevents baby from tipping over in the tub. It lets baby “float” around the bathtub and reach for bath toys freely!
  • Simply tie the Papillon below baby’s waist and let the fun begin!
Product Description of Papillon Baby Bath Ring – Green :

What makes the Papillon a great alternative to cold, hard plastic baby bath seats? 1. The Papillon develops your baby’s sense of independence. While a traditional bath seat restricts movement, the Papillon allow baby to float and move around safely in the tub. Your baby is able to grab bath toys by himself and even lie on his back or tummy! 2. The Papillon enhances baby’s motor skills and sense of balance. The Papillon allows your infant maximum movement and freedom while keeping him safe and stable in the water. Bound passively in a plastic infant bath seat your baby is not able to move and d

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