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Guidecraft Kiddie Couch

Product Details :

  • 2-seater couch sized just right for little bodies
  • Features vibrant red cloth upholstery
  • Pillow headrests offer extra comfort
  • Steel and birch ply frame for strength and beauty
  • Clean, arched lines for a modern look
Product Description of Guidecraft Kiddie Couch :

Make the kids comfortable with this Kiddie Couch that’s scaled just right for their smaller proportions. Framed in durable steel and pretty birch ply, this two-seater sofa is strong enough to handle the bouncing and wiggling it’s sure to see with young children. It’s upholstered in bright red cloth and features a padded headrest on each side for extra comfort. This couch will be perfect for your child’s reading or quiet time, or for enjoying a favorite movie in comfort. A modern look is achieved by the simple armrests that curve right into the legs and feet of this sofa. Two cross-braces add e

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