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Brenese Skin Cream (Baby)

Product Details :

  • Vitamins A, E (a leading antioxidant) and F (essential fatty acids)
  • Cream helps replenish sebum (skin’s natural oil) production
  • For children with sensitive dry skin
  • Preservative-free
Product Description of Brenese Skin Cream (Baby) :

Paraben, Fragrance and preservatives-free, the Cream combines Shea Butter and jojoba oil, ingredients long known to soothe and relieve dry skin, with hydrating emollients, to help maintain skin’s natural moisture . Fast absorbing, this cream nourishes and conditions the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Brenese Skin Cream is the perfect cream for babies with allergies and can be used on all skin types. Use everyday for a healthy skin.

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