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Balance Beam

Product Details :

  • Solid birch beam
  • Fits securely into pegged feet
  • 2.8″ side can be flipped to 1.5″ width
Product Description of Balance Beam :

The Guidecraft Balance Beam is a childhood classic and a gym staple. This simple beam helps kids learn about balance and can be used in any number of games. And who knows, it could always be a first step to the Olympics. About Guidecraft Guidecraft was founded in 1964 in a small woodshop, producing 10 items. Today, Guidecraft’s line includes over 160 educational toys and furnishings. The company’s size has changed, but their mission remains the same; stay true to the tradition of smart, beautifully crafted wood products, which allow children’s minds and imaginations room to truly wonder and gr

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