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Fisher-Price Tub, Penguin Pal

Product Details :

  • Adorable penguin designed tub is one both parents and baby will love
  • Foam backing makes tub comfortable for baby
  • Stopper keeps baby in position and can be removed as baby grows
  • Includes a strainer and a water scoop
  • Features a plug for easy draining
Product Description of Fisher-Price Tub, Penguin Pal :

Parents and babies alike will delight in the new character tub from Fisher Price. This cute design features a fun penguin with sweet little wings, and bright yellow feet, one is a water strainer and the other is a water scoop. The foam backing creates a smiling face that is comfortable for baby’s back. The baby stopper insert help to keep baby in a secure, comfortable position and can be removed when baby is bigger and needs a full size toddler tub to splash and play in. To make bath time easier for mom, this tub also includes a plug for easy draining.

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